Family Law

If you’ve got questions regarding family law, we can help provide legal advice.

Early Intervention – Family Law and Care & Protection


NRCLC provides free family law advice to parents. The advice is about parenting arrangements for children after separation.


The focus is on the best interests of the children.


The service recognises that there are many factors that separated parents need to consider. Parents are best equipped to make suitable decisions about their children, when they understand the principles of the Family Law Act.


The Family Relationship Centre refers parents to NRCLC for this advice. In some cases NRCLC participates with a parent in mediation (family dispute resolution) about parenting issues.


NRCLC also assists parents where Family and Community Services (FaCS) have concerns about the safety of children. In these cases FaCS may require parents to do certain things and give commitments about how they will parent their children. The NRCLC solicitor can assist parents to negotiate and discuss these issues with FaCS workers, where FaCS require the parents to sign Parent Responsibility Contracts, or be bound by Parent Capacity Orders.


Where Care & Protection orders have been made by the Children’s Court, NRCLC can also help parents negotiate with FaCS about contact arrangements for the parents and their children.